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How physically intense are the Surf auditions? How much should you be able to run? What is the best way to prepare?

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You should expect as much out of surf physically as you would out of any other world class drum corps. It gets tough if you’re like me and you really weren’t that fit, but the staff understands that and will help you to grow until tour. You’re expected to work hard to reach your highest level of fitness before tour begins.

That being said, the camps are mostly times miles or stretching. Stuff can get pretty intense because staff doesn’t have to worry about tiring us out because we’re going home on Sunday. You’ll be fine as long as you work hard between camps and give it all you’ve got. Don’t worry so much!

Oh to prepare: •Run a lot. Like a lot. •Really work on endurance. That’s what a drum corps show is about. •Upper body for horn posture •Lower body for marching endurance •Core for posture •Eat well •just run. Seriously.

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